Afterthoughts of the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Collection + Outfit of the Yesterday

When Target collaborations go really right, fashionistas go really insane for them. The Phillip Lim for Target collection, which debuted September 15th, was no exception, as I’m sure you’ve already heard or personally witnessed. While it seems that the hype has died down once the highly coveted items reached their rightful owners, I was expecting to see a big boom of style bloggers posting Outfit of the Day looks highlighting the collection apparel. My search for these posts brought some interesting finds.

First, there wasn’t a wide variety of purchase choices. The majority of fashion bloggers bought and styled the Boom sweatshirt and I rarely saw others venture out and cover anything else. Second, some pieces from the collection, like the powerline print dress and sparkle blouse, didn’t even make it to a single blog post. I’m curious to know if it was because the items didn’t appeal to the masses or that nobody thought outside the box to see the styling potential in them. Third, there were an amazing amount of giveaways, especially for the purses! Those bags, just like the whole Missoni for Target collection way back when, were poached by people looking to make a profit from selling them on eBay. Women have been dying to get their hands on even the mini satchel, and what better strategic move for a blogger than to set up a giveaway and drive traffic to their blog? Most of the giveaways are long over, but is still taking entries to win the crossbody bag until the 19th!

While perusing the internet, I came across some fashion blogger’s style posts that I absolutely adored! Check out my favorites below:

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Be sure to visit these fashionable ladies at their respective blogs:

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Yesterday, I decided to wear my own Phillip Lim for Target find, the shirt dress long-sleeved blouse. Since the LA temps have shot back up in the upper 80’s, I wore it with shorts. I’m rarely a shorts type of person, but to me the length of the shirt looked a lot better on me if I showed some skin. I also paired it with some wedge booties and a burgundy tote as a way of saying, “Yeah, it may be hot out, but it’s still fall!”



Did you purchase and wear anything from the  Phillip Lim for Target collection, and how did you style it? What do you think about Target/designer collabs? Chime in in the comments section!

Intro/Back to Business

Hello readers! I’m Jasmyn and welcome to my fashion and lifestyle blog!

A little personal background about me: I’m 23, born and raised in Chicago, and currently living in LA and attending FIDM. For a more in-depth look into who I really am, check out my bio. I’ve created this blog as a creative outlet where I can explore and discuss fashion news and trends, personal style and branding, and wardrobe tips along with the everyday happenings of my life as a young adult making the workplace transition from intern to full-time employee.

School starts back up for me today, and it’ll be my last quarter (hallelujah!), so I’m all about getting out of my break laziness and back to business. Although it’s been a pretty mild two weeks, there were some highlights.

To celebrate the end of the quarter, my friends and I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain. It was exciting and interesting for me to compare Magic Mountain to the Six Flags Great America from back home. I was super pumped there was the Batman ride because it was my favorite. Unfortunately, the line was way too long and it was way too hot. But since we didn’t have enough time to ride the Batman, I got what was twice as nice: a funnel cake sundae. Yummy!







I was also able to meet my idol David Tutera at Redbook Magazine’s Studio Red event! I am an aspiring wedding planner, and it’s truly because of watching his shows on WeTV, especially David Tutera: Unveiled. He’s very strict and professional, not to mention a creative genius, yet he still is a very tender person. And I’m definitely framing his autograph!



I also went thrifting for the first time! I was in the Glendale area this Tuesday doing a playtest for Disney and saw a thrift store in walking distance. I found two tops and a pashmina scarf. The tops were $7.99 each and the scarf was $5.99. Talk about a steal!


For the blue patterned top, I’d probably have to go all DIY on it because I want to get rid of the gathered bottom so that it fits looser. But let me get on to the black and white print top. I’m slightly obsessed with chevron patterned things so my eye instantly gravitated towards it. While admiring the top, the label caught my eye and they almost bulged out their sockets. Self, did that say “Missoni for Target”?!!? Why yes it did!


Of course I snatched it up with a quickness and tried my best not to act too suspicious about finding this gem in the thrift store. I also saw another shirt from the collection, but it unfortunately wasn’t my style. I couldn’t believe how lucky I got with this find. First the Diane von Furstenberg yoga mat from the Holiday24 collection that I found in Ross, now this! I guess sometimes being a late bloomer has its perks.

I was so elated about this find that I decided to wear this for my first-day-of-school outfit. Going back-to-school shopping and the first-day-of-school outfit were a big deal for me growing up, and I still try to stay true to that and put on my best dressed early in the school year (because we all know, once finals come around, fashion goes out the window).







Pants: Rock and Republic for Kohl’s (similar here); Earrings: Forever 21 (here); Necklace: Forever 21 (similar here)

And here’s a look I created inspired by my back-to-school outfit! Metallic is a bold trend to try out for the fall, and a bag is a great starting point to incorporate it into your wardrobe since it complements your jewelry well. And who can resist wearing some orange during pumpkin season?

Fall into Casual Chic