About Jasmyn


I’m Jasmyn, the mastermind behind this lifestyle blog that is JasmynSimone. I’m a 23-year-old Chicago native who has planted her roots in Los Angeles. I found myself in the City of Angels after graduating from Howard University and deciding to attend FIDM where I’m currently a Visual Communications student.

Fashion is what I’ve been studying in school (I majored in Fashion Merchandising) and, since I’m a creative and visual person, it’s what I’ve been embodying on a daily basis as well. I enjoy fashion styling and event planning so much and am working diligently to make a career out of either or, or both!

I’ll admit, it took me a loooong time to start this blog. Did I want to talk about fashion only or was there a more specific niche I could riche? After much internal deliberation, I realized my voice was to represent the twenty-somethings in the fashion industry who are trying to make it past the internship phase and find their voice amongst the big leagues. While that may seem pretty specific now, it encompasses a lot, which you’ll definitely be seeing in my posts. I’m covering everything from fashion girl problems to college student problems and everything in between.

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