Living My Life Like It’s Pinterest: A Fashionable New Year’s Resolution

As the new year rolls around, many people across the world are hopeful for fresh starts and the possibility of new opportunities. Gyms will be packed come January 1st for those inspired to get fit, burgers will be abandoned for salads by those trying to eat healthier, and cigarette packs will remain unsought by those determined to quit smoking. As for me, I want my life to reflect my Pinterest boards.

I’m sure my fellow Pinterest fanatics may think I’m setting myself up for instant failure with the vision board-like website hosting so many enticing images that seem nearly impossible to aspire to, but hear me out! I have a few inspiration boards that I can apply to my everyday life without breaking the bank.

Style Inspiration

Style Inspiration

While perusing through my Style Inspiration board, I noticed a lot of my pins have a common thread: skirts and dresses. From midi circle skirts to lace fit and flare dresses, my subconsciousness is telling me to bare my legs. And so in 2014 I shall! I’ve admittedly reached for jeans on so many occasions because it’s safer (and faster) than trying to coordinate an outfit out of the skirts and dresses in my closet. That’s mainly because I’m so self-conscious about falling victim to the skirt-flying-up-and-not-being-able-to-look-cute-catching-yourself-like-Marilyn-Monroe effect. I’ve created a few outfit ideas on Polyvore with skirts and dresses that are cute and comfortable AND I won’t have to worrying about skirt lengths vs wind duels.

Wintertime Burgundy
With burgundy being my favorite color for the winter, this dress would be perfect for those ocassionally chilly days.
  Girly with Edge

This leather skirt combo would be perfect for winter in LA, plus the pop of cobalt blue brightens the outfit.

Words of Inspiration

Words of Inspiration

While skimming my Words of Inspiration board, one particular pin jumps out at me. “You must do more than just reflect on words of inspiration you must also live by them.” Deep, right? So I vow to practice what I’m pinning and apply the lessons of positivity, courage, creativity, and happiness in light of what the upcoming year has in store for me. It may not be as simple as that, but it will take persistent practice. What’s to lose in 2014?

Visual Inspiration

Visual Inspiration

My Visual Inspiration board is for things that catch my eye and inspire my creativity. My initial intent for this board was to get enough inspiration to actually do my interpretation of these images, whether it be through photography, graphic design, or hand sketching. However, school and work took up most of my 2013. This next year, I plan on dedicating a lot more time to flex my creativity muscles and expand my portfolio on my own. I think it’s important for people in the creative industries, especially fashion, to find time outside of their paying gigs and delve into projects on the side that they enjoy doing, thus not forgetting the little things that sparked our passion to pursue our career paths in the first place. Granted, if you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work, but some of us younger folks aren’t at that point in our journeys yet. So in the meantime in between time, I shall be pulling images from my board and seeing where my creativity takes me. Who knows, maybe I’ll do a blog post series on it!


Happy New Year readers and cheers to a fresh start! What are your resolutions for 2014?


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